Dressler’s Spotlight: Chef Scott

Chef ScottMeet Scott Hollingsworth, Executive Chef at Dressler’s Restaurant.

Chef Scott has more than 25 years of professional experience in the restaurant business. He joined Dressler’s Restaurant in Lake Norman in October 2005.

Growing up in Cornelius, some of Chef Scott’s favorite foods included tomato sandwiches from the garden and Sunday dinner at his grandparents’ house. He developed a love for cooking at a young age, helping out in the kitchen when he was a kid. By the time he was a teenager, he was cooking for his family. The first thing he learned to cook was fried chicken (thanks to his Mom). To this day, Chef Scott prepares the meals in his own home.

Chef Scott, what do you enjoy more, cooking or eating? “Eating, definitely!”

Name one of your favorite dishes to make at Dressler’s. “North Carolina Trout with foraged mushrooms. I like that the trout and mushrooms are local and I’ve enjoyed building a relationship with the family that raises the trout.”

What qualities make a great chef? ”Experience.  An even temper.  Using salt and pepper.”

What makes Dressler’s special?  ”Every person who comes into Dressler’s is important. They are here for a superb dining experience, and that is exactly what we strive to give them. It’s all about the service, the food, and the atmosphere.”

Why do people love dining at Dressler’s?  “Warmth of service and delicious food.”

What’s your cooking style?  ”Southern Eclectic.”

And your philosophy when it comes to food? “Keep it simple.  Don’t get in the way of the food.”

Do you love being a chef? “Absolutely. It’s a lifestyle.”