5 Delicious Ways to Cook a Turkey

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and everyone is starting to talk about the turkey–mainly how to cook it and what to serve with it. Turkey is a traditional holiday favorite, and with good reason. When cooked properly, its wonderful aroma, golden brown skin, and deliciously tender meat is a feast for our senses.

How are you preparing your turkey this year? Here are some of the most popular options.

Roasted–This is the traditional way to cook a turkey, and there are so many different ways to season the turkey before it is roasted.

Grilled–Smoked flavor, crispy skin, and moist meat–is your mouth watering yet? When grilling a turkey, the bird is usually broken down into breast halves, leg quarters, and wings.

Deep-fried–This fast cooking method (approximately 45 minutes for a 12 pound turkey) also results in very juicy meat. Check out these tips from Butterball for deep-frying a turkey indoors or outdoors.

Smoked–If you love a moist turkey with a smokey flavor, check out these recipes.

Brined–This method results in extremely moist and perfectly-seasoned meat. Brining works well with longer cooking methods, like roasting and smoking.

How to Cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving

How to Cook a Turkey