Dressler’s Spotlight: Joan Dressler

JoanDresslerMeet Joan Dressler of Dressler’s Restaurant. Joan bears the proud title of “Mom” at the restaurant (as in Mom’s New York Cheesecake, Mom’s Apple Cake, and Mom’ Carrot Cake), and is the creator of some of Dressler’s most popular sweet treats.

Some of Joan’s favorite dishes growing up including spaghetti and meatballs, lamb chops with mint jelly, and roast chicken. She began cooking when she was about 12 years old, first learning how to cook potatoes with her mother. She also owned her own catering business. Joan currently prepares deliciously famous desserts at Dressler’s.

Joan, why do you like making desserts? “I love sweets, so making treats for others is very fulfilling!”

What are some of your favorite desserts to make at Dressler’s? “Carrot cake with walnut cream cheese frosting, cheesecakes, and apple cake.”

Who does the cooking at your home? ”I do.”

What do you enjoy more, cooking or eating? “Eating!”

Why do people love dining at Dressler’s?  “For the outstanding food–especially the desserts!”

What’s your cooking style?  ”Simplicity.”

Why do you love your job? “It lets me use my creativity.”

Any words of wisdom? “Eat lots of desserts!”

Sounds like great advice to us!