Why Fresh Ingredients are Best

dreamstime_xs_30282069If you love cooking, serving, and eating delicious food, like we do at Dressler’s Restaurant, you know that using fresh ingredients is the first step in preparing an amazing meal.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats bring wonderful colors, aromas, and flavors to your favorite dishes. They are also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants for maximum nutrition.

Chef Scott, Executive Chef at Dressler’s Restaurant, believes that fresh food tastes best. He loves to use the freshest possible ingredients because it shows through as a “brightness” in the final product. He uses locally produced/foraged food that does not have to be preserved in the transportation process or harvested before optimum ripeness.

How do you purchase the freshest meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and herbs? Look at, smell, and feel the items before you buy. The colors and smells should be appealing. Products should be firm to the touch, not mushy.

Choosing fresh meat: get to know the people at your local meat market or butcher shop; red meat should be red, pork (pink), poultry (off-white); meat should feel firm; if it doesn’t look and smell fresh, don’t buy it

Choosing fresh seafood: fresh seafood should feel firm to the touch; it should not smell “fishy”

Choosing fresh fruits and vegetables: pick items that are in season; besides being the freshest, they are also usually the best value; select items that are firm, with no soft or discolored spots

Choosing fresh herbs: colors should be vibrant; plants should be firm, not wilted; no brown spots or discolorations

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