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Enjoy Spring in Charlotte!

How do you celebrate Spring in Charlotte? There are so many activities to do, sights to see, music to hear, and foods and beverages to taste! It’s hard to know where to begin.

Below are just some of the fun things to do in Charlotte this Spring. Get out there and enjoy this beautiful season.

Start a garden. It can be a small plot in your yard or just a few potted tomato plants and herbs.

Visit your local farmers’ market.

Have a picnic. Grab a blanket and pack the picnic basket with your favorite fruit, veggies, meat, cheese, and bread.

Come visit us at Dressler’s Restaurant after a busy day and let us do the cooking for you! Check out the Sunset at the Metropolitan live music series starting this Thursday.

See the Charlotte Knights play at the new BB&T Ballpark in Uptown Charlotte.

Attend a Spring festival:

Get outside and get moving. Go for a walk or bike ride, play frisbee at your local park, or shoot some hoops with the kids.

Go horseback riding.

Visit a petting zoo and see the baby animals.

See some of Charlotte’s most popular attractions:

Go fishing.

Host a backyard barbecue for family and friends.

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Smokin’ Hot Tips for Your Summer Cookouts

Ask people their favorite thing about summer and you will hear the same answer over and over—food from the grill! Nothing compares to a great barbecue!

Chef Scott, a.k.a “the Bear,” loves grilling all delicious meats, but his favorites include Heritage Farms pork chops, ribeye, and ribs. In the great chicken wing debate, the Bear favors grilled and slathered wings to all others.

While we all love the taste of grilled food, our opinions differ as to how that food should be cooked. The type of grill you choose to cook on is completely up to you. It all depends on how much money and time you want to spend, how many people you plan to feed, and what types of food you plan to grill.

CHARCOAL GRILL–grill and smoke food; fuel includes charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid; many people prefer the smoke flavor of food cooked on a charcoal grill; heat is hard to control; not as convenient as other methods (you need to arrange the coals and coat them with lighter fluid before you light, then wait 20-30 minutes before cooking)

GAS GRILLgrill, roast, and bake; fuel includes natural gas or propane; convenient for year-round cooking; refillable fuel tank; quick startup with electronic ignition (takes 10 minutes to heat up); more heat control than charcoal grill; produces less smoke flavor

KAMADO STYLE GRILLgrill, roast, bake, and smoke; fuel consists of hardwood lump charcoal, which adds more flavor to your food; no lighter fluid needed; excellent heat control; ready to cook in 10 minutes; grills at both low and high temperatures; great for smoking food at very low temperatures over a long period of time; expensive (prices can reach more than $4,000)

Follow Chef Scott’s grilling tips and enjoy a safe and delicious barbecue season.

  • Heat your grill, then clean before and after using.
  • Simple is best.
  • Use lots of good olive oil and fresh herbs.
  • Use separate cutting boards for meat and veggies. Disinfect thoroughly.
  • Clean your grill. Did we mention that already?
  • Don’t turn food more than once or twice while grilling.
  • Use a meat thermometer to test for doneness.
  • Let meat rest after taking it off the grill to redistribute juices.
  • Remember to keep your grill clean!
  • Most importantly, treat the person “manning the grill” with great reverence and reward with numerous ice cold beverages of his/her choice.

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Dressler’s Spotlight: John Glenn

Meet John Glenn, General Manager at Dressler’s Restaurant in Birkdale.

John’s previous professional experience includes Morton’s and Capital Grille.

“I apparently have a serious obsession with cows,” jokes John.

John or “Senator,” as he likes to be called, is a certified sommelier (wine steward).  He is one of eight in the city of Charlotte.

What are your responsibilities as General Manager?  “It is my pleasure to make sure our guests have everything they need to have a wonderful experience while they are in my care. I also put out whatever happens to be on fire–as quickly as possible–and juggle chainsaws without dropping them.”

What are some of the challenges you face in your job?  “Jon Dressler and Kevin McNamara.”

What were some of your favorite dishes growing up?  ”Brussel sprouts,” jokes John.  ”Some of my best memories growing up involve sitting around a table enjoying bowl after bowl.”

Who does the cooking in your home?  “Whoever is holding the cork screw,” he says.  ”We have five course dinners that never involve a plate, just stemware.”

What do you enjoy more, cooking or eating?  “Eating, as long as my wife is not cooking. I have a passion for bacon. It doesn’t matter whether I’m cooking, smelling, or eating it–bacon makes the world a better place.”

What are some of your favorite dishes to eat at Dressler’s?  “I’m partial to the pork chops and the tuna. I have also been told that I’m invited to parties solely for the fact that I bring our crab dip.”

Why do people love dining at Dressler’s? “We know our guests. My family lives in this community, as do the Dresslers.  Our friends, neighbors, and coworkers dine here with us. We value our relationships with those who make Dressler’s their home and seek to foster a sense of family. We pride ourselves in knowing  the details that make your visit special–your favorite tables, dishes, and special occasions. We enjoy being a part of our guests’ lives and making sure that they always have a seat at our table.”

What do you like best about your job? The first and most important part of my job is getting to work with friends on both sides of the table (guests and staff). Coming to work feels like coming home. The second best thing about my job is the chance to meet someone experiencing Dressler’s for the first time. It’s great watching their excitement and pleasure as they try something new and adding another friend to my Dressler’s family.”

Charlotte Knights To Host Their First Home Opener at the New BB&T Ballpark in Uptown Charlotte

The Charlotte Knights are scheduled to host their first home opener at the new BB&T Ballpark in Uptown Charlotte on Friday, April 11, 2014.

The Knights will play against the Norfolk Tides at 7:05 pm. This will be the team’s first home game in Charlotte since the late 1980s. The Knights are a farm team for the Chicago White Sox.

Boasting a seating capacity of 10, 000 and a natural grass field, the $54 million stadium will accommodate numerous concerts, festivals, and corporate/community events throughout the year.

BB&T Ballpark is located at the intersections of Mint, Martin Luther King, Graham, and 4th Street in 3rd Ward in Uptown Charlotte. Dressler’s Restaurant (Metro site) is located about 2 miles from the stadium.

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