Crazy About Grilled Meat? So Are We! Check Out Our Favorites!

favorite grilled meatsWho doesn’t love the smell and taste of tender, mouthwatering meat cooked on the grill?

Here at Dressler’s Restaurant, we are crazy about meat that’s cooked on the grill.

Of all the amazing foods to cook on the grill, our all-time favorites include flat irons, skirt steaks, and ribs.


Hanger: also known as butcher’s steak; rich and full of flavor; marinate, grill, and serve rare to medium rare to avoid toughness; check out the Food Network’s Marinated Grilled Hanger Steak Recipe

T-Bone/Porterhouse: a strip loin and tenderloin connected by a T-shaped bone; have it cut 1-2 inches thick

New York Strip: this steak comes from the short loin; moderately tender with good marbling and rich beef flavor; check out The Best Way to Cook New York Strip Steaks on a Grill

Ribeye: taken from the rib section of beef; high marbling; tender, juicy steak with rib bone still attached; because of the high-fat content, grilling can be difficult due to flare-ups; pan searing is another option; see How to Cook a Perfect Ribeye Steak

Flat iron: this well-marbled steak cut from the steer’s shoulder makes for great grilling whether marinated or seasoned simply with coarse salt and pepper; take a look at this Flat Iron Steak With Red Wine recipe

Skirt steak: thin, long strip of beef cut from the plate; not as tender as other cuts because it is lean, but loaded with flavor

Tips for Grilling Steak

  • season with coarse salt, olive oil
  • get the fire hot
  • let meat rest for several minutes after cooking to redistribute juices
  • serve thinly sliced across the grain (which shortens those tough stringy meat fibers)
  • when buying steaks, remember to look for generous marbling throughout (this fat is what gives the steak its flavor)
  • have steaks cut 1-2 inches thick

CHICKEN–a tasty and economical crowd-pleaser; see Barbecued Chicken on the Grill and the Food Network’s Great Grilled Chicken

RIBS–cook low and slow on the grill for mouthwatering ribs; see Southern Living’s How to Grill Baby Back Ribs, Mastering Ribs, and Taste of Home’s Top 10 Recipes for Grilling Ribs

FISH–done right, fish on the grill should be moist, tender, and flaky; How to Grill Fish on a Gas Grill, Fish on the Grill-It’s Easier Than You Think, and The Only Technique You Need to Know for Grilled Fish

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