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Fun, Simple, and Inexpensive Uses For Your Mason Jars

uses for mason jarsMason jars are possibly one of the greatest inventions ever made.

In addition to being inexpensive, durable, heat resistant, and airtight, Mason jars have a timeless and rustic charm. And because they are so versatile, it seems that the sky’s the limit when it comes to their uses.

Here’s some fun, creative, and practical uses for Mason jars.

CANNING—This is why Mason jars were originally created. Can fresh produce from your garden or local market (check out the Atherton Mill and Market). Fill them with jam and preserves. Check out this Introduction to Canning Guide from Ball®.

CANDLE HOLDERS—Float candles in them for a simple centerpiece. See How to Make Mason Jar Candles and Summertime Floating Candles With Citronella Oil.

LAMP BASE AND OIL LAMP—Buy one or learn how to make one yourself. Check out Mason Jar Lamp Tutorial and Mason Jar Oil Lamp For Indoors or Outdoors.

MATCH HOLDER—This is a safe and practical way to store your matches. Fill a jar with strike anywhere matches and attach sandpaper to the lid for striking. DIY Mason Jar Match Holder

HANGING LANTERNS—Perfect for outdoor gatherings! Create Glass Lanterns for the Backyard

COCKTAIL SHAKER—For a simple and inexpensive way to mix your favorite cocktails, check out this 5 Minute, $5 Cocktail Shaker.

GLASSWARE—Once your cocktails are mixed, pour them into Mason jars and serve to your friends and family. 8 Mason Jar Cocktails to Try

KITCHEN AND BATH STORAGE—Store spices in little jars. See 31 Ways to Use a Mason Jar in Your Kitchen. In the bath, use your jars to hold cotton balls, soap, cotton swabs, and bath salts. See How to Create a Mason Jar Organizer and 3-Step DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump.

CHANDELIER—These are so cool and inexpensive to make. Elegant Mason Jar Chandelier and Mason Jar Chandelier

AIR FRESHENER—Fill Mason jars with citrus, herbs, and spices to create natural air fresheners for your home. DIY Natural Room Scents

SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS—This project couldn’t be easier: Fill small jars with salt and pepper. Poke holes in the lid and you’re done. Mason Jar Salt and Pepper Shakers

MINI PIES—Enjoy the season’s freshest fruit and bake individual pies for your family and friends. Single Serving Pie in a Jar

PENCIL SHARPENER—Take a look at this simple Mason Jar Pencil Sharpener.

HERB GARDEN—Grow your favorite herbs right on your kitchen windowsill. Start a Mason Jar Herb Garden and Growing Herbs in Canning Jars

BIRD FEEDER—The only supplies you’ll need for this bird feeder are a Mason jar, twine, round chicken feeder, and bird seed.

NIGHT LIGHT—Perfect for kids’ rooms. Just fill a jar with a strand of batter-powered mini lights and set on a dresser or nightstand.

GIFT PACKAGE—Fill widemouth jars with edible goodies and hand out as gifts. 11 Things You Can Put in Mason Jars and Pass Off as Gifts

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